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Our local area! 

We have been looking at places in our local area. First we discussed the places that we like to visit in Brierley Hill and Dudley, many places were thought of including Merry Hill, McDonalds, the cinema, Dudley zoo and even the pub! 


After disscussing what what we could find in our local area we looked at the types of housing we all lived in. We made a graph and put out names by the type of house we live in. 


Then we we had a really exciting arty lesson! We made our very own flats out of huge cardboard boxes!! We could paint the, and decorate them however we wanted! We all had plenty of fun and our flats look lovely! 


More ore exciting local area lessons coming after half term!

Don't forget to look at out photos so far :) 


Last term we learnt all about the UK and that it has got 4 different countries and what the capital cities are! 


England- London

Wales- Cardiff

Scotland- Edinburgh 

Northern Ireland- Belfast


We were very excited to find out we were going on a hot air balloon ride all around the UK to visit these places. Look at our wonderful pictures!