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Year 3

We had a visit from the police today to thank us for our Christmas cards! Luckily no one was arrested!

Welcome back to a brand new term! The children have returned to school full of enthusiasm!


In literacy this term we will delve into the world of science fiction with our unit 'A Tale of Two Robots'. The children were very excited to hear the story for the first time and came up with lots of good ideas about what jobs their own robot could do.


We have started a new topic for our geography lessons called 'Extreme Earth'. During these lessons we will explore what the Earth is made from, volcanoes, tsunamis and tornadoes.


In science this term we will be looking at forces and magnets. The children have already been sharing their knowledge of the subject with us at school.

In our literacy lessons this week we have been writing Christmas cards to say thank you to people who have to work over Christmas. The children thanked Russells Hall hospital, the police, fire service and ambulance service for keeping us safe over the holidays.

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Welcome to Year 3!



A warm welcome from Mrs Smith and I to the Autumn term in Year 3. We hope you all had a lovely summer break and are refreshed for the new academic year. The children have returned to school full of enthusiasm to begin their new journey.


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We have started looking at what features are used to create a  character description. We have used characters from the ‘Cliffhanger’ book and the children enjoyed guessing what they might be like simply from the illustrations!



Our significant author for this term will be Jacqueline Wilson. We have already started reading the story ‘Cliffhanger’ and will go on to read 'Buried Alive'.

Jacqueline Wilson books are available at the library if the children would like their own copies.


To help us understand how Tim is feeling we acted out his telephone call to his Mum and Dad. The children did a fabulous job of getting into the role!



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In maths we are working on our 4 times tables and associated number facts. Please support your child with this at home!


This week we have covered place value, ordering numbers and reading and writing numbers to 1000. The children have constantly challenged themselves and have even worked up to 10,000!

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In science we have been learning about rocks and fossils. We made our own fossils to understand the concept.


First we prepared our seabed using plasticine. Next, we used a shell to represent the creature lying on the seabed. We then poured plaster into our moulds to show the build up of rocks and soil. These are our fossils...

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This term we will be researching the Stone Age. We will be using books and iPads to find out all about the people who lived during this time and what they have left us with today.