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Craft Club

In our fourth week at art and craft club, we made Handa's Surprise necklaces. We used a thick cardboard ring to decorate as colourful as we could. We then added some sequins to make it sparkle. To finish off we threaded gold ribbon through the holes around the outside. Then we realise they didn't fit over our heads so we had to use some strong scissors to make a snip so we could open it.

In our third week at art and craft club, we celebrated

World Mental Health Day!


We learnt how to draw around a plate to create a circle shape, we then cut around the outside, this was our happy face! We used a variety of material to collage our happy face. We really enjoyed experimenting with cutting foam, ripping ribbons, cutting string and scrunching up tissue paper. Once we had finished we sprinkled with loads and loads of...



In our second week at 'art and craft club', we used a variety of materials to create our own monsters. We used our imagination and chose our own resources to represent the different parts of the monster. We learnt that glue isn't always strong enough so sometimes we need to use something stronger... Sellotape! We also learnt that pipe cleaners aren't easy to cut!
In our first week at 'art and craft' club, we learnt how to trace accurately. We clipped paper on top of an outline, used a pencil to draw around the outline... and TA DA! we had our very own picture. We then used cotton buds to dab around the outline and fill in the middle.