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Welcome to the Governors Page of Brierley Hill Primary School (BHPS). By way of introduction My name is Graham Moffitt and I consider myself very fortunate to be able call myself the Chair of Governors for BHPS, a post I have held since the Summer term of 2014.


Originally from Birmingham, I moved over to my adoptive Black Country in 1992. In 2013 I retired from the West Midlands Police as a Detective Sergeant having served 30 years as a Police Officer. During my service I spent 5 years working locally in Halesowen, Kingswinford, Lye and Stourbridge as a response Sergeant which brings me a good understanding of local issues.


I too am a parent. I have 2 sons one of whom is on the Autistic spectrum, having been diagnosed with Aspergers. As a consequence I have a good understanding of Special Educational Needs (SEN) and the impact this can have on home life as well as educationally.


My role as a Governor is to act as a "Critical Friend" to the school. To challenge the Senior Leadership Team around the Quality of teaching and the progress of the children. To ensure that we strive to close the gap between disadvantaged and other children, whilst ensuring that the more able children are stretched. It is also my role to make sure that at the heart of teaching are the British Values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


The 3 core strategic functions of the Governing Body (GB) are:

  • Ensure the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school.
  • Hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its' pupils.
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its' money is well spent.


The schools greatest asset is it's children who welcome all visitors with a huge smile. Each and every child is a fantastic ambassador for the school. On walking into the old Victorian building in the heart of Brierley Hill you instantly get a positive vibe.


Teresa ALLPORT, the Head Teacher together with her Senior Leadership Team (SLT) have provided a learning environment which is a place where the children love to come. The SLT know every single child in the school by name and you only have to see the way that the children run towards Mrs Allport, their arms stretched as wide open as possible to greet her with a smile and a big hug as she walks around the school.


Here at BHPS, not only do the teaching staff, strive to provide quality teaching, they go that extra mile to provide a safe environment for the children and make the learning experience enjoyable.


The school has a number of challenges with double the national average of children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and twice the national average of children with SEN. The school uses its Pupil Premium Grant wisely, investing in extra Teaching Staff to enable smaller cohorts. Additional Teaching Assistants to support Early Years and Key Stage 1 with phonics, one to one and small group interventions. The provision of a full time Learning Mentor to support those with SEN and their families.


The school also believes that being healthy is a big part of school life and as such promotes healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The school encourages all pupils to take part in sports activities and in addition to PE lessons the school provides swimming lessons and runs a number of after school sport clubs including gymnastics, cheer leading, football and netball. Breakfast Club also provides a get moving programme.


I feel very privileged to be part of the Brierley Hill Primary School family and hope that by working closely with all the staff in school, pupils and parents that we can provide each and every pupil who walks through the door the necessary skills to achieve their full potential.  

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Academic Year 2020 - 2021


Sunday 28th March 2021


Lovely to see all of the staff including governors participating in reading "When The Adults Change Everything Changes" by Paul Dix. Thank you to all who have provided feedback to Mrs  Allport.


I'm sure like me you're finding it a very interesting read and reflecting on how we challenge children's behaviour and how our attitudes and action can impact on how our children behave in our school.


Tuesday 23rd March 2021


Remember all of those who have passed away due to Covid 19. Condolences to any of the Brierley Hill Primary School Family who have lost loved ones whether family or friends my thoughts are with you all.


A personal big thank you to all of the key workers involved at the school including parents and our own staff who have kept on working throughout lockdowns and various tiers we owe you all so very much.



Thursday 18th March 2021


Another very productive Governors Mark meeting via Zoom today. Big thank you to all of the governors especially Helen Johnson for all of her hard work around this issue, always knew it would be a good idea to have an ex Primary school head teacher on the Governors Board to decipher the education speak.


Next meeting scheduled for 08/04/21.


Thursday 11th March 2021


A big thank you to all of the parents who have taken the time to post of the schools Facebook page to say how excited the children are to be back in the classrooms with their friends and teachers. I know how much the teachers appreciate the kind words and support you have shown.


Its especially nice to hear from new parents how welcoming the school have been and how well the children are settling in to our school.


Monday 8th March 2021


I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all children and staff back to Brierley Hill Primary School (BHPS). It's hard to believe that we can actually get back into school and the children can see their friends and teachers once again.


I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new children and their parents, you are part of a very special family here at BHPS.


I would firstly like to say a huge thankyou to Mrs Allport, her SLT and Neil Yardley, Matt Gunn and the rest of the site management team who have all gone above and beyond in creating a safe environment for the children, staff and visitors here at BHPS.


I'd also like to thank all the staff who have been on site looking after key workers children. Equal thanks to all of the teachers and TA's who've been involved in providing home schooling and who have made themselves available to answer parents questions virtually 24/7.


Most of all I'd like to thank the parents who've been involved in home schooling and the support and understanding that has been extended to the teachers and your children during these strange times. I have loved looking at the images of work created by the children during lockdown. It is evident that we have some very talented artists and bakers. The schools Facebook page has been a great way of showcasing the hard work of parents and children and an obvious passion for education.


No apology for repeating myself but welcome back one and all.



Academic Year 2018-2019


Monday 13th May 2019


Wishing all in Year 6 the best of luck with SAT's this week. We all know just how fabulous you all are already. Enjoy because you've worked very hard and you deserve good result. 


Friday 12th April 2019


A big congratulations to all the winners and runners up in the Easter Bonnet Parade and the decorated Egg Competition.  The judges Mr. & Mrs. Sanders were very impressed with the quality of the entries and picking winners was a very difficult task.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter and I hope you all have a great few weeks of unwinding and relaxing and I look forward to seeing you all next term.


Thursday 11th April 2019


Today was Real Life Maths Day where the whole of the school spent all day doing math related lessons to expose the children to how important maths is in every day life. Pupils were involved in cooking where they had to measure and weigh ingredients and then divided the food. We had children making Wooded Bird Boxes where they worked out how much materials they would use, then measured our the wood and cut it to size, following the plans and nailed all the parts together. For many children it was the first time they had used a saw or hammer and nails. Definitely my favourite activity of the day. Other children were given a budget for planning holidays. We had classes designing bedrooms, working to scale to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper would be required.


Classes were designing wall paper using repeat patterns, measuring walls around the school and working out areas. Other classes were designing tiles using Symmetry, counting how many tiles they would need.  


There was Welly Wanging where each child threw a three times, each time measuring the distances so they could work out means and averages. Other groups were making packed lunches with a budget of £1.00, having to work out what items they could buy, multi buy savings.


At the end of the day myself, Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Bates led the assembly where spokespersons for each year group came up and told the rest of the school what they had done and what maths they had used.


The day was a huge success and we look forward to running one every term. The children were very enthusiastic and loved all of the tasks they were involved in. It was also a great way for the governors to visit all year groups and be a visible presence in the school.


Wednesday 10th April 2019


A big thank you to all of the parents who came along to parents evening.  The teachers love to be able to tell you of all of your children's successes and the progress they are making. Great to see that lots of children are making great progress with many working at greater depth. Lovely to hear teachers passing comment on the positive remarks parents are making about the school and how much their children enjoy coming to school.


Thursday 4th April 2019


Useful morning working with the Learning Mentor, Mrs. Barnes and the schools Attendance Monitor. Together with fellow governors Mr. Sanders, Mrs. Bate and Miss Donnelly we sat in on the Attendance Clinic to discuss attendance and lateness issues with parents to see how we as governors could help and to see what assistance the school can provide to improve attendance. 


It was refreshing to see that many of the parents are fully supportive of the initiatives we are trying at the school and in seeing the importance of the children being at school so they can learn. 


We look forward to working with both the parents and the Attendance team to improve attendance figures at the school. 


Wednesday 27th March 2019 


I would like to congratulate both Miss Faux and Mrs. Johnson who were both today successful at interview for the posts of Assistant Head Teacher.  Both had excellent interviews where the evidenced a passion for teaching and desire to help every child at Brierley Hill succeed. I am looking forward to working with them in their new roles with the SLT here at Brierley Hill as we go from strength to strength.


i would also like to congratulate Miss Bridgewood who was successful in her interview for the post of deputy head. Miss Bridgewood gave a fantastic presentation and here passion for teaching and her love of the children shone through.  


I am very excited about working with such a talented and enthusiastic Senior Leadership team who at the core of their ethos is every child matters. I have witnessed our new SLT work tirelessly to improve the quality of teaching, to provide new experiences and opportunities for the children to learn in fun and exciting ways. As a team they have championed safeguarding to ensure our most vulnerable children are put first when we plan for the school and not an after thought. They have created an environment here at Brierley Hill that the children love and are proud of.



Thursday 24th January 2019


Busy couple of days this week. Yesterday I sat in on some of the cohort reviews. Always impressed with how well the teachers know their children and seeing the SLT challenging about the progress the children are making and what the teachers are doing to support those who are struggling and helping others to achieve working at greater depth. 


Today we had another working party meeting around Absence which is being led by the Vice Chair Roy Sanders. Lots of good suggestions that we will be putting forward to Mrs. Allport to consider. 


We also had a 2nd working party looking at Everyday maths. Looking at having all school maths day using everyday situations where maths impacts and looking at fun ideas to engage the children. This working group is being led by Julie Bate and Jayne Donnelly. Lots of ideas that we are looking forward to discussing with the SLT and maths co-ordinators.


Monday 14th January 2019


A busy morning with Mrs. Allport completing the Child Protection report ahead of the next full Governor Board Meeting (GBM) and starting looking at the 175 Audit Plan.


The next GBM will be held at the school on Tuesday 5th February 2019. If anyone has any issues or concerns they wish to be discussed please contact me.


I also meet four of the schools year 6 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, who told me all about VIP and a quick chat about the Walk Once a Week (WOW) initiative that the school has adopted under it health and wellbeing banner. I hope to see lots of children and parents getting involved with WOW.



Friday 11th January 2019


Firstly I would like to welcome all back to a new term here at Brierley Hill. I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year with lots of family time as well as getting some rest and relaxation. 


Well last term saw not only just Santa visiting the school but also a visit from this little chap. I'm not sure whos visit the children enjoyed most. 


The Govenors have now had several meetings of the Attendance Working Group, looking at how we can improve attendance levels at the school. This is work in progress. Current data supports that the attendance levels are better than in previous terms. 


We are now looking at setting up a second working group looking at Mathematics and how we can improve on every day maths within the school.


Finishing on some more good news, today the school has received notification that we are once again in the top five schools in the Dudley area for SATs. We are awaiting confirmation that we are 3rd in the table. This is a fantastic result and one that should be celebrated. I would like to thank all of the teaching staff and SLT who have made this possible through hard work, dedication and professionalism which  is evidenced in abundance. 


Monday 17th December 2018



I would like to wish all at Brierley Hill Primary School a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all have a joyous and peaceful time and wish all a prosperous New Year.


We have had lots of festive goings on at school with a Breakfast with Santa last Saturday. The children had a lovely time and Santa wants to say a big thank you to all his little helpers who made it such a magical time for all who attended.


Today 17/12/18 saw all the children arrive at school in their Pyamas ready for the Polar Express day. Once again Santa popped into school to visit all of the classes with presents for every child. Santa commented on how festive the school looked and how polite and well manored all of the children were.


Tomorrow sees another visit to the School by Santa in his sleigh this time, thanks to Kinver Rotary Club for arranging this. Friday 21/12/18 there will be a Christmas Carol service in the playground with hot drinks and mince pies while the school choir sing Carols and I'm told their is to be a very special choir performing a Christmas favourite during the service. One not to be missed! 


Wednesday 17 October 2018


A big thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend Parents evening today. Was great seeing all the parents looking very proud after there visits to see their children's teachers in the Hall. I think the new process was a huge success and worked very well.


Monday 8th October 2018


Very productive meeting today with the SLT, Governors and Our SIA Alison Sturgess. New objectives set for Mrs. Allport and a quick health check of the schools data and progress, which proved very pleasing. I would like to congratulate our SLT who have worked very hard to get the school to where we are and who continue to seek ongoing continuous improvement.


The Governors will be identifying some new working groups, the first of which will be looking at Absence and how we can improve the schools attendance levels.


Thursday 4th October 2018


I'm not one for meetings but found today's committee meetings very positive. It was so nice to listen to the updates from the EYFS, English and Maths leads talk so passionately and confidently about the specific areas around the work they are doing and the goals they have set. Hearing about learning strategies, working at greater depth, work around moderation and secure and accurate assessments. 


It was lovely to hear about the introduction of Talking Time in EYFS where teachers are actively talking with and listening to the children and seeing the children feeling appreciated and learning how to share and play together.



A big thank you to parents who are contributing to the play fund and a reminder to those who may not be aware, it's£2.00 a week which helps facilitate the children with activities such as cooking. 


During today's meeting we also had a learning walk around EYFS to see all the hard work done over the Summer holidays around the building and outdoor area. During the visit it was so rewarding when one of the children walked over to us and said, "I like it here." You can't get a better recommendation than that.


During the walk it was lovely to see so many of the boys making use of the Story Hut, with a group of boys sitting and reading. 


























Friday 14th September 2018


Another inspirational week here at Brierley Hill Primary School (BHPS). It's always impresses me when I see staff going that extra mile especially in their pastoral care. It came to my attention earlier this week, that several of the teaching staff have, at their own cost, purchased items to enable pupils who need extra stimulation to help them concentrate in class. It's always nice to see the staff exchanging ideas on how they can make the classroom experience better, especially for pupils with SEN and the enthusiasim in delivering it.


A central plank of the school ethos is providing the children with new and exciting experiences. This week proved no exception with several external visits including a visit Hatton Country park where the children got to see and pet lots of diffent animals.


I hear that Year six have had just the best time ever at Sherwood Forest, where among other things they met Robin Hood and Little John who told them tales of the forest and how they need to take care of the environment and keep the spirit of Robin Hood alive. This was followed by a spot of orienteering with one of the forest rangers. This trip provides a great opportunity for the children to learn new skills and develop British values especially around respect and tolerance of others. Having been on several of the trips to Sherwood Forest I know how well this help with the year 6 literacy curriculum which is Robin Hood based. I look forward to seeing some fab writing in the coming months.


Always nice to get positive feedback after our school trips about how polite and well behaved our children are and how smart they look in their uniforms.



Friday 7th September 2018


I would like to welcome back all our children, parents and staff to another new year here at Brierley Hill Primary School and wish a warm welcome to all new children and parents.


The summer holiday has been very busy here at the school with lots of refurbishment going on. I'm sure everyone will agree that the school is looking brilliant, especially the new Year 1 outdoor area over in Early Years. I would like to thank Mr. Yardley and Mr. Gunn who along with Mrs. Allport who have put a lot of hard work and effort in to getting the school ready following the recent rewiring and considerable damage caused during the theft of lead from the schools roves. On that note if anyone has information  on those responsible can they please contact us or the police.


Sadly I'm not able to attend the year 6 residential trip to Sherwood Forest this year but I know that all going will have a fantastic time meeting Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men and Women. Enjoy and have lots of fun. 


I look forward to another school year and building on the succes of last year.


lovely learning walk today around early years playing in the sand pit with Zak, Olivia and Claire and drawing apples with reception. The behaviour of the children was exemplary, all were engaged and working well. Nice to see Year 4 learning about Pantomime.... Oh yes they were!


lovely to see lots of parents joining us for the Praise Assembly today with lots of children receiving a Head Teacher Pack in recognition of good work and behaviour. Well done to all who received praise.