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Reception 2017/2018

Handa's Suprise


One of our final topics in class R is based around the book - Handa's Suprise! We are looking at where Handa lives and comparing it with where we live. Check out some of our most recent learning...

Trying to find Kenya using the globe.
Concentrating hard making mud huts...
using the sticks we found in forest schools...
pushing them under the elastic bands!
We have been fruit printing!
It was messy - but lots of fun to see the insides!

A Royal Celebration!

We have had a SUPER time learning all about London and the different landmarks that you would find there. We explored London bridge and made our own bridges out of Lego, across our pretend river! We had a huge BIG BEN and then finished of our learning with our very own Royal Wedding day.


We came dressed to impress and had lots of different activities going on across school, to mark this special occasion.... have a look at some of the things we got up to!

Meghan and Harry walking down the aisle!
Knight practise - Hobby Horse obstacle course
... he we go again!
Princess training - book balancing!
We practised our best curtsy...
and a bow!
'Givenchy' hasn't got anything on us!
Here's Harry's FAB new shirt.

The Lorax


We started reading the LORAX story and how important it was to look after the trees and the environment - Miss Faux set us a home learning challenge around recycling...Just look at some of our FAB projects!


We also planted our very own 'truffula' trees like we had seen in the Lorax - we cant wait to see what grows!

It's time to CELEBRATE...

Pancake/Valentine's/Chinese New Year Style!

Miss Faux had a big challenge this week... to fit in THREE celebrations.


Monday - we visited Miss Faux's pancake shop, we had to buy toppings ready to put on our pancake tomorrow!

Tuesday - we went pancake crazy. We made delicious pancakes and then eat them in Forest School.

Wednesday - we learnt the story of St Valentine and made cards for people we love!

Thursday - we started thinking about Chinese New Year and watched lots of dragon dancing videos and read a story about the Chinese Zodiac Race.

Friday - We visited our very own Chinese shop - we tasted spring rolls, chilli sauce, beansprouts and prawn crackers... we then teamed up with year 5 to make a Chinese Drum.


It was SO busy - but SO worth it!!

Let's Celebrate!

Jack and the Beanstalk....there's more!!
The following week in Class R... we received a letter - a HUGE letter, it was from the giant and he was letting us know that he had lost we had to find it! BUT we didn't know what it was... so we started to search...

And here is how it all happened...

We found a letter...
it was massive!
Miss Faux read it..
the giant had lost something .. we had to find it!
We started our search,
in the classroom...
not here...
not here..
we had a look outside,
we searched forest schools..
and still...
We saw something in the dirt!
It was a HUGE key
Charlie carefully carried it back to school!
We then had to let the Giant know we found it...
we shouted him...
We phoned wasnt the right number!
Someone suggested throwing rocks at his castle..
they didnt reach :(
So we then decided...
to write him a letter!
We tried sending our letter via paper aeroplane..
We asked the people at home - they said a balloon!
Miss Faux got a massive balloon...
We attached the letter...
and watched it float...
all the way into the sky!
The next day we noticed something outside..
A balloon and a pot!
We were SO excitied...
The Giant left us a letter to say thankyou
and some wonderful treats!!!

Jack and the Beanstalk


We have had so much fun learning about Jack and the Beanstalk.. 3 weeks of learning have been based on this story. We've counted with beans, played games, had a go on a harp, wrote sentences, compared sizes - you name in - we've done it!

Fe Fi Fo Fum!

Jack and the beanstalk games...
We made our own huge beanstalk with lots of leaves
We worked together to paint the giants castle
We counted with beans..
lots of beans...
Filled the giants toenails with beans!
Mrs Hartley was very kind and showed us her harp!

Once upon a time...


The Gingerbread man was the first story in our new unit. We loved listening to all of the different versions. We even made a bar graph based on what part of the gingerbread man we ate first! We then had a go at making our very own gingerbread men - they were delicious!

Run, run as fast as you can...

We loved tasting the different ingredients.
We mixed them all together!
We played gingerbread man games
and made our very own gingerbread man!

Teeth, wonderful teeth!


After talking about teeth-brushing one morning, we decided to learn about how to keep our teeth healthy and clean! 

Miss Faux contacted the school nurse, she came in to talk to us AND at the end of the week we were all bought a treat - a brand new tooth brush. Miss Faux set us some homework - we had to brush our teeth for two minutes every morning and night and get it signed by someone at home and then we were given certificates for super teeth cleaning! 

Our visit from the school nurse...and her teeth!

Our school nurse came to have a chat...
We loved the huge teeth!
We passed them round and cleaned them.
Look at how much fun we had!

Techno Children!

Miss Faux realised that we hadn't had any of the technology based learning activities out... so out came the remote control cars, voice recorders, IWB and metal detectors. We also loved listening to stories about robots - especially, 'no-bot'. He was a robot with no bottom!!!

Technology Crazy!

Controlling the remote control cars!
Recording our voices to play back to others.
Checking if things are metal!
"There's metal in Kians tie!"
Typing up our sentences on the IWB
Typing up our sentences on the IWB
Typing up our sentences on the IWB

Nursery Rhyme Week

We joined forces with Nursery and had a nursery rhyme week in the Foundation Stage - we picked, 'Humpty Dumpty'.


We completed an  egg investigation; we pushed eggs off a wall and they had to land in different materials - we wanted to find out if they broke or not...just like 'Humpty Dumpty' did, when he fell off his wall. 


Our 'egg'citing investigation!

First of all we pushed the egg into feathers
Then into baked beans!
Next it was water...
We pushed it off so it hit the floor!
and finally into cotton wool.

Welcome back! - Aut 2


I couldn't NOT tell you what happened to our dinosaur here it goes...

What happened next...

We thought the straw looked a little bit funny...
We looked underneath and found a package!
We found 2 dinosaurs - we had to look after them!

Parent open morning!

Thank you to all of the parents that joined us on our open morning! The children were SO well behaved... and so were the parents. It was great to see the parents getting stuck in and taking part in all of our different learning experiences.


I hope you found the morning useful - don't forget to send any WOW moments to, 



Look how much fun we had!

Spooky week in Class R

We've been SO busy since we came back, starting our week with a spooky disco on Monday, Halloween dress up on Tuesday and spooky learning all week!


Measuring the height of pumpkins, comparing weights! Pumpkin printing, pumpkin bowling... who knew you could do so much with pumpkins!?


We have also been making a magic potion and apply this space!

Spooky Spooky!

Measuring the height of pumpkins
Pumpkin Bowling!


We have a grown a dinosaur...egg!

We planted DINOSAUR seeds!
An egg grew...we couldn't believe it!
Miss Faux picked it up!
We got to hold it..
We guessed what dinosaur was inside...
One day - the egg had moved and grew mushrooms!
We made stop signs so people didn't touch it...
The next day - the egg disappeared!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Reception Class Page. We will be putting all of our exciting learning experiences on this page, so you can keep up to date with what has been going on in the wonderful world of Reception. We will be adding pictures watch this space!


Reception have had a superb start to school and look SO smart in their uniform. Their behaviour has been great and they are making lots of new friends!


This week we have been exploring all of the new learning activities class R has to offer, like the sand pit, role play area, creative station (just to name a few!) We are also very excited about our new house point system and Miss Faux's 'wonder capes', we get to wear these if we have done something wonderful! We have been listening to stories and joining in number songs (like the one at the bottom of the page) but most importantly we have been getting to know each other and play team games.


Over the next few weeks we will start to learn to read and begin the early stages of writing, not forgetting lots of counting and maths activities....we are going to be SO busy. Parents evening will be coming up shortly too, so look out for information on that.


Planners will be going out on a Friday and should come back in to school on a Monday, ready for me to update and send back out again.

PE day is Wednesday, please make sure all uniform is labelled, earrings out and long hair tied back.


We really hope class R have enjoyed their first week as much as we have - I bet they will sleep well this weekend (I know I will!!)





Welcome Reception Class 2017/18!


Charlie And The Numbers | #1

Charlie and the Numbers with number 1.