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Reception 2018-2019

Oh WHAT fun we have in class R - we are lucky enough to celebrate lots of different occasions in class R - here a couple of pictures from Pancake day, world book day and Miss Faux's birthday - we had a fabulous Tea Party...based around our focus story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea!'


Time to CELEBRATE! 1 Pancake day ...
Time to CELEBRATE! 2 Can only mean - toppings
Time to CELEBRATE! 3 World book day - we look great!
Time to CELEBRATE! 4 Miss Faux's BIG birthday!
Time to CELEBRATE! 5 Party party party!!
Time to CELEBRATE! 6 Party food...
Time to CELEBRATE! 7 yum yum!
Time to CELEBRATE! 8 ...even presents!! :)

Easter EGGtravaganza!

Easter EGGtravaganza! 1 We had a special delivery.. 10 eggs!
Easter EGGtravaganza! 2 We loved learning about the life cycle...
Easter EGGtravaganza! 3 And watching them hatch!
Easter EGGtravaganza! 4 It was SO EGGciting
Easter EGGtravaganza! 5 We put them in the brooder box...
Easter EGGtravaganza! 6 And then we got to hold them!
Easter EGGtravaganza! 7 We loved learning about the chicks...
Easter EGGtravaganza! 8 We finished our Easter learning with an egg hunt!

We have been learning all about 'taking away'... we have been using all sorts of resources to help us work out the number sentences.

Miss Faux recorded some of our success stories.. 

Terrific Take Away...

Still image for this video

A light bulb moment...

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'Spring'in' into action with ...

Sam's Sandwich!

We've been reading the story Sam's Sandwich, about a cheeky big brother who makes his sister a sandwich full of, tasty treats AND nasty bugs! We tasted each of the tasty parts of the sandwich over the two weeks... from delicious chicken... to stinky onions! We had lots of mixed opinions on the different items, but we were very brave and tried them all!

At the end of the week - we made a shopping list and paid picked what we would like on our sandwich, each of the items cost a different amount - we paid Miss Faux with our special 1p coins and off she went ASDA to buy the ingredients... ready to make our sandwich - look how delicious they are!

Picture 1 1 - butter the bread
Picture 2 2 - check our fillings
Picture 3 3 - add the fillings..
Picture 4 4 - and some more...
Picture 5 6 - nearly finished!
Picture 6 7 - bag them up ready to take home!

Autumn term....DONE!

And from all of us in Class R....

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WOWEE! What a term - full of fun and excitement!

Not only did we learn LOTS - we even managed to pull off a FAB Christmas Nativity and school trip to see the Grinch.

One very happy teacher this term - I KNOW it will continue next term....Can't wait!

What a whirlwind.....

What a whirlwind..... 1 Autumn = Scarecrow making!
What a whirlwind..... 2 Shape recognition, shape pizzas!
What a whirlwind..... 3 We can ALL write our name!
What a whirlwind..... 4 Ready...
What a whirlwind..... 5 steady...
What a whirlwind..... 6 BAKE!
What a whirlwind..... 7 Running races for ordinal number work!
What a whirlwind..... 8 *Mental Health awareness day* What makes us sad...
What a whirlwind..... 9 What makes us happy!!!
What a whirlwind..... 10 Let's go TECHNO!
What a whirlwind..... 11 Practising our sounds!
What a whirlwind..... 12 PUMPKIN BOWLING - HALLOWEEN!
What a whirlwind..... 13 Spooky Maths
What a whirlwind..... 14 Gingerbread pumpkin decorating...and eating!
What a whirlwind..... 15 Poppy day - team work.
What a whirlwind..... 16 Pudsey day - SPOTTY MAD!
What a whirlwind..... 17 ICE ICE BABY...
What a whirlwind..... 18 ITS CHRISTMAS - Team work makes the dream work...
What a whirlwind..... 19 Twit Twoo - the final piece!
What a whirlwind..... 20 Another tree in class R!
What a whirlwind..... 21 Here he is...the big man himself.
What a whirlwind..... 22 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Welcome Class R Stars!

WOW! What fun we have had in our first few days in Reception class. We have taken part in SO much already... register time, dough gym, phonics, maths, our new colour topic - Elmer, the big playground, PE, dinner time, assembly time....just to name a few! No wonder why we are so tired BUT still very excited and very ready to learn.


I am SO proud of the children and how quickly they have adapted to full time school - taking all of the new routines and expectations in their stride and they look super smart (and SO cute) in their BHPS uniform! I'm sure you'll all agree...Well done class R!




Exploring our new surroundings...

Exploring our new surroundings... 1 Cutting and sticking.
Exploring our new surroundings... 2 Pirate Play!
Exploring our new surroundings... 3 Knights and Castles
Exploring our new surroundings... 4 Exploring the colours in the chalk!
Exploring our new surroundings... 5 Peg board filling!
Exploring our new surroundings... 6 Filling up buckets!
Exploring our new surroundings... 7 Careful cutting!
Exploring our new surroundings... 8 Making our marks!
Exploring our new surroundings... 9 SUCCESS!!
Exploring our new surroundings... 10 Team work makes the dream work!
Here is a copy of the letter I sent out at the end of the first week - it has some important information on...