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Reception 2019-2020

Welcome to Reception!

Happy Half Term!


Welcome back!

I hope you had a lovely week last week.  I have shared my muddy adventure in Somerset with the children and have loved hearing the children share their own news.


Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at things that grow.  We will be looking at beans and seeds, flowers and vegetables and finally mini beasts and chicks.  Next week we will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and will be investigating beans.  We hope there are no giants hiding at the top of our beanstalk!


There are also lots of celebrations this half term.  We have already celebrated Pancake Day with the children this week (we all enjoyed making and eating the pancakes!) and we still have Mother's Day to celebrate and Easter to look forward to.


Next week we have Book Day on Thursday and are looking forward to welcoming our parents in to Class R to share a story at 2:30. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Happy chinese New Year

The Gingerbread Man


We enjoyed reading the story of the Gingerbread Man.  We made our own Gingerbread Men biscuits but they all ran away so Mrs Billington had to bring some more in which we could decorate and eat.

The Three Little Pigs

Welcome back!

We hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 


My name is Mrs Billington and I will be the teacher in Reception until we break up for the summer.  I am so excited to be joining Brierley Hill Primary School this year and I have loved meeting the children this week. They have been such a delight and I am sure we are going to have so much fun this term.  I am looking forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks so please say hello when you see me on the door.







During this first half term we will be using different traditional stories to inspire the children's learning.  I will update the web page with photos and information as we go through the half term.  We will be starting with The Three Little Pigs next week and will be using the story to explore different types of homes and different materials to keep us safe from the big bad wolf.  There will be lots of writing opportunities to encourage our children to use their phonics and in maths we will be learning about adding numbers together and taking numbers away. 



We will also be celebrating different events with the children this half term.

Chinese New Year

Valentines Day

Pancake Day


If the children have anything at home related to the topic we are doing we would love them to bring it in and share it with us.

Wizardy Week!

Proud moments!

#Proud moment!

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Real Life Maths Day!

The children really enjoyed celebrating 'Real Life Maths Day' this week. They had hands on experience using money. We learnt how to count 1p's and some of us learnt to count 2p's.


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World Mental Health Day!

#Hello Yellow

We came to school in yellow clothes and thought about all of the things that make us feel happy!

We really enjoyed learning the different names of fruits and tasting them!

Passion fruit challenge!

Ready... steady... eat!!

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Ready... steady... eat!!

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Ready... steady... eat!!

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Ready... steady... eat!!

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Ready... steady... eat!!

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Ready... steady... eat!!

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This week in Class R, we have listened to the story 'Monkey Puzzle'. We have enjoyed retelling the story and trying to change our voices for the different characters.

Monkey Puzzle!

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In maths, we have been looking at the size of objects and people, we have been using the language tall and short. We then used non-standard measures to measure the animals and our friends!

We have been measuring!

Measuring Using Feet

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I measured how tall my friend was using feet, I counted them and she was six feet tall!

Measuring Using Hands

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I measured how tall my friend was, she lay down nice and still, I started at her feet and went up to her head. She was 6 hands tall!

Measuring Using Cubes

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I measured the elephant using cubes I started right from the bottom and went right to the top, I then counted and he was 20 cubes tall!

This week we have read the book 'Cupcake', the story is all about a cupcake who is upset because he is plain, boring and vanilla without any toppings... he tries all different toppings such as pickles and spaghetti! A candle comes along and also feels upset because he is just a plain candle... the story ends with the candle becoming the cake's topping! 

Baking cupcakes!

Woah... What a cracking job!

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A perfect egg crack!

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T E A M W O R K !

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Experimenting & Investigating


This week, following our 'Elmer' topic, we have been experimenting with colours!

The children have absolutely loved investigating and finding out what happens when colours are mixed...

It's true what they say... team work makes the dream work!

Ready... Set... MIX!!!

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Experimenting with milk... milk? Yes milk!

"It looks like a rainbow!"

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Kitchen roll painting...


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Experimenting with different colours!

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Our First Full Week!

The children have had a wonderful first full week in class R. They have been working really hard in phonics to recognise our new sounds:

m a s d

We have also been learning to hold our pen correctly to start writing some of these letters.


We have enjoyed using the outdoor learning environment to explore, take risks and most of all have fun!

What a wonderful start to the Autumn term. It has been enjoyable to see so many happy children coming into school looking ever so smart! The children have adapted to the new routines and have taken it all in their stride! I have seen some wonderful, positive friendships blossom and children working together. We have been ever so busy - take a look at just some of the things we have been doing!





This week we have been learning about 'The Rainbow Fish' - the fish who wouldn't share his shiny, sparkly scales, so he had no friends. Then when he began to share, he felt a much better person and everyone wanted to play with him. I have seen lots of children in class R being a fantastic friend and sharing with others - which is lovely to see! 
To end the week, the children were rewarded with their ALWAYS badges, these badges mean that they ALWAYS do the right thing. I have seen lots of children doing the right thing at the right time - they definitely deserve to wear their badge with pride!!