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Time for Twos 2018-2019

We invited our Mommy's in to share our learning as a special treat for Mother's Day. We sang a song to our Mommy's and decorated a plant pot, to give them on their special day. We also made cards and treated the to a they could 'take a break!' Lucky Mommy's!

Mother's Day Treat!

Living and Growing!

We have been exploring plants this term, what they need to help them grow and who we might find living on them - we have had a great time!

Look at our beautiful flowers!
Tyla-Jai's flower pot hat
Adding our soil!
Enjoying the daffodil gloop!!!
Look at my beautiful flower...
made with our stickle bricks!
Searching for worms!
Aaron on the search for mini-beasts!
Dig, dig, dig - add the soil!
Pancake Day!
Flip,'s Pancake Day! We had such fun celebrating Pancake day, with our key workers! We decorated 'pretend' pancakes, we made REAL pancakes and then we even got to EAT the pancakes!

We have been having so much fun at Nursery!

Trying hard to find the correct shape
Matching shapes on the puzzle
Exploring shapes
Building with wooden bricks
Mark making a special picture
Drawing a picture
Building a tower
Looking at a book independently
Ready, Steady, Go!

Outdoor Exploration

Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

We have been singing a song about the animals on the farm. Children have been learning the names of the different farm animals and the noises they make. We have been providing opportunities for them to explore the animals, comparing sizes and hiding them in our room. They have been painting and mark making and counting the animals too. It has been so much fun.



Our new room is ready and we are very excited to explore all the new toys.

We have been settling in well together and learning how to share toys and take turns.

This half term we will be focusing on learning Nursery Rhymes. This will help develop our language skills and encourage us to listen and take turns. 

Image result for star

We have learnt actions for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We have also made a star

painting and used star playdough cutters.  



                                                 A star!!

                                      Image result for the wheels on the bus



The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long.....

                                           Image result for incy wincy spider
  See the source image

Incy Wincy

make a ball for the spiders body ................
add some legs...............
a spider!!!!!!!!!!
We painted our hands black.......
a spider!!!!!!!