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Year 1 2017 - 2018

Wow! Is it really summer already?

We have got off to a fantastic start to the summer term already. 

We are really excited about our new geography topic: Around the World in 80 days! See more about this in the geography page. Scroll on down to find out more :) 




A continued reminder to name everything that comes into school. Especially now its getting warmer and cardigans and jumpers are left in ever stranger places!! Thanks you :) 

Reading is the Key Flyer Banner


30 books reading challenge! 

Most children have been taking part in this challenge, the aim is to read 30 books before we break up for the summer holidays. The books can be changed daily once read and then they will have a tick against their name.

Well done to those already nearing the 30 books mark!

A big well do

ne to all children who did the phonics check, results will be given out with your reports. Thank you for your excellent help at home


During history we have been looking at the history of medivieal castles. This involved learning what castles used to look like, what they were made from, who used to live in them, and where they tended to be located. We had so much fun in this topic as year 1 also had its very own castle! We got to pretend to be knights and kings or princes or princesses. We even had dressing up clothes. 

We used our art skills to draw castles using the chalk pastels. It took a while to get the hang of them but our drawings all looked amazing ! 


Later on this term we will look at different explorers who travelled the world to find exciting new things! 

Castle Pictures

Around the world in 80 days! 

This term we are having a non-stop flight around the world visiting lots of countries on the way! 


So so far we have visited France. Now the most interesting thing we found out, was that the French enjoyed eating snails! Ewwww, only a few brave people said that they might be willing to eat one if they ever got the chance! 


Next week we will be visiting Asia and finding out more about China in particular. I wonder what wacky fact we will find out next week? 


Sign: P.E. - large image

P.E will be on FRIDAYS this term. (Weather dependant) 


Please ensure all children have suitable P.E kits.Purple tops are available from the office. 


Now that it is colder please make sure P.E kit is warm (Leggings or joggers) and children have a jacket/ jumper suitable to wear in colder weather. 


Royal Wedding Celebrations! 

We had an excellent day celebrating the marriage of Harry and Megan. Take a look at the pictures! 

This week we have been visited in Year 1 by a very Evil Pea. Evil Pea has kidnapped some vegetables in our school. We have all been busy writing wanted posters. We can’t wait to discover what mischief Evil Pea will get up to next! 




Evil pea pea was found! He ended up writing an apology letter and the children were able to write a story that included some fantastic writing! 


Lets hope evil evil pea has finished his terrible run of crimes. 

Evil pea traps veggies!!



In our maths lessons we have been learning about number! We have been looking at adding, subtracting and using money. We have been doing lots of activities and playing lots of fun games. 

This term we will be continuing our work on number and also concentrating on shapes and measurement. 

Please follow the links below to play some of the games we like during our maths lessons. 

Christmas fun 🎅


Before Christmas year 1 had loads going on, in between snow days, Christmas production practice and work, we managed to have a bit of fun. We even had a visit from santa!! And he he gave us a present to open on Christmas Day 

event image

We had a wonderful time at the E-Zone in November. Sorry about all the muddy clothes and coats but we had lots of fun! 

Over the summer holidays, the Year 1 classroom underwent a makeover. The once dark blue ceiling is now a fresh white and our walls are now brightly coloured and inviting. 

The children are loving the new surroundings! 

Before and after pictures will be uploaded very soon!! 

Our New Classroom