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Year 1 2018-2019

January Scrapbooking Laser Cut Title

Can you believe that it is January already!? Time flies when you are having so much fun. We have so much to learn this next half term and I can't wait to share it all with the children. 



We have had lots of fun experiences so please take some time to look through our wonderful learning :) 

Times Tables Rockstars 


This term we are going to re-launch Times Tables Rockstars for our year 1 learners. We feel they are ready to take on the challenge!


How does it work? 

  • Children will be given a username and password that's  unique to them. 
  • Once on the site ( ) choose the login section and find our school. 
  • Type in username and password 
  • Choose an area to play in and enjoy your Rockstars experience 


If you set a new speed and move up a level, let me know so I can do you a certificate to be given out in praise assembly. 



We will cover lots of topics in maths this term, addition, subtraction, measurement, numbers to 100, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, multiplication and division. Woooooo I'm just tired even thinking about it all. 




We have also been finding ways to make 10 and 20. We know that these pairs of numbers are called number bonds. 

Our number bonds are-

0 + 10

1 + 9 

2 + 8 

3 + 7 

4 + 6 

5 + 5 

10 + 10 

11 + 9 

12 + 8 

13 + 7 

14 + 6 

15 + 5 

16 + 4 

17 + 3

18 + 2

19 + 1 

20 + 0

Have a look at our maths pictures to see us in action. 

Maths Fun

Maths Fun  1
Maths Fun  2
Maths Fun  3
Maths Fun  4
Maths Fun  5
Maths Fun  6
Maths Fun  7
Maths Fun  8
Maths Fun  9
Maths Fun  10
Maths Fun  11
Maths Fun  12
Maths Fun  13
Maths Fun  14
Maths Fun  15
Maths Fun  16
Maths Fun  17
Maths Fun  18
Maths Fun  19
Maths Fun  20
Maths Fun  21
Maths Fun  22
Maths Fun  23
Maths Fun  24
Maths Fun  25
Maths Fun  26
Maths Fun  27
Maths Fun  28
Maths Fun  29
Maths Fun  30
Maths Fun  31
Maths Fun  32
Maths Fun  33
Maths Fun  34
Maths Fun  35
Maths Fun  36
Maths Fun  37
Maths Fun  38
Maths Fun  39
Maths Fun  40
Maths Fun  41
Maths Fun  42
Maths Fun  43
Maths Fun  44
Maths Fun  45
Maths Fun  46
Maths Fun  47
Maths Fun  48
Maths Fun  49
Maths Fun  50
Maths Fun  51
Maths Fun  52
Maths Fun  53
Maths Fun  54
Maths Fun  55
Maths Fun  56
Maths Fun  57
Maths Fun  58
Maths Fun  59
Maths Fun  60
Maths Fun  61
Maths Fun  62
Maths Fun  63
Maths Fun  64
Maths Fun  65
Maths Fun  66
Maths Fun  67
Maths Fun  68
Maths Fun  69
Maths Fun  70
Maths Fun  71
Maths Fun  72
Maths Fun  73
Maths Fun  74
Maths Fun  75
Maths Fun  76
Maths Fun  77
Maths Fun  78
Maths Fun  79
Maths Fun  80
Maths Fun  81
Maths Fun  82
Maths Fun  83
Maths Fun  84
Maths Fun  85

New year- New topic! 

Our geography topic is... Around the world in 80 days. 


We will be learning all about different continents and countries of the world. In lesson one we talked about places we have all been on holiday and how that place was different to England. We learnt all about France and one of the funniest facts we learnt was that the French like eating snails and frogs legs! We best keep the french away from our ponds! 

I can't wait to learn about more places. 

Keep checking back to learn more funny facts about the countries in the world. 

This term our geography topic is "Where Do I Live?". We discussed where we thought we lived and we collected all our answers. 

We were excited to learn that the country we lived in was the U.K. 

In this topic we will be continuing to work on learning more about London, which is our capital city, and local cities around us. 

So far we have used maps and google maps to help us understand where we live. 

Where do I live ?

Where do I live ? 1
Where do I live ? 2
Where do I live ? 3
Where do I live ? 4
Where do I live ? 5 We loved exploring on the map
Where do I live ? 6 We created a flip book
Where do I live ? 7 It explains exactly where we live
Where do I live ? 8 Our planet, continent, country and house
Where do I live ? 9
Where do I live ? 10
Where do I live ? 11 We leant about the countries in the uk
Where do I live ? 12 And their capital cities


In phonics children are split into groups and work with that adult to learn new sounds and do lots of fun activities based around a certain book. Your child will get sent home with a new book to read. Please return on the date requested and we can change this for the next book. Thank you for reading with your child at home! It makes such a difference. 

Cxy DIY Merry Christmas Banners Bunting Garlands for Holiday Party Decoration, Christmas Home Décor

Over Christmas we did lots of exciting things, from reindeer runs, nativities, parties and plenty more crafty activities. Take a look at our pictures to see us in action. 

Feeling Dotty- international dot day 


After hearing "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds in assembly we were given a whole school task to create a sea of dots for a display and dot day. Our colour was orange and we couldn't wait to start making our dots. We used a wide variety of materials to create our bright orange dots. Have a look below to see our creations! 

The Day The Crayons Quit


For the past 2 weeks we have been reading and doing work based around the book. The book is a story about a box of crayons that are refusing to do any work. The crayons write to their owner-Duncan, asking for a rest or an explanation why they aren't being used often! 


We have been... 

-Creating pictures with our favourite colours

-Making lists about what each colour has been drawing 

-Created reasons for them quitting their jobs 

- Making our own crayons out of paper and creating a speech bubble for them to say 

-Writing a letter from Duncan as a reply 




The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work

The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  1
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  2
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  3
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  4
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  5
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  6
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  7
The Day The Crayons Quit- Take a look at some of our great work  8