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Year 1

Summer 1

Spring term


This term we have been exploring different types of paper art. First we explored different types of paper and then selected the most suitable types for each piece of artwork. We made some excellent creations!

Real life maths day

This term year 1 applied their maths skills to some real life situations for Real Life maths day. We launched an investigation to see which of the roads surrounding our school is the most dangerous. We then went out the pavement and used a tally chart to count how many vehicles passed us. After we had collected our data we were able to show our results using pictograms.

Autumn 2

This term year 1 have learnt so many new things. We have developed our addition and subtraction skills, learned new phonics sounds and have even built our own houses! We have been so busy and have made excellent progress. Well done everyone!


This half term we have practiced lots of skills in maths. One of our new skills was learning to recognise coins and count them to find an amount. We had to use our addition skills to count groups of coins and we were able to use some coins to role play going shopping.


Or DT this term has been all about houses. First we explored different types of houses and what they can be made out of. Then we had a go at building some houses of our own using a variety of building materials. All of this practice led to s finally being ale to build a house for the three little pigs using junk modelling. We planned our houses first then built them with a partner.

🍂Autumn 1🍂

We have been so busy this half term in year 1! We have learnt all about mixing colours in art, where we live in Geography and how to keep to the beat in Music. We have achieved all of this while also working on our number recognition and handwriting skills. What a fab time we have had! 

During our Jigsaw lessons we have been talking to Jigsaw Jack about our responsibilities. We discussed that in school we are responsible for obeying the rules to make sure that everyone is safe and happy. We had some excellent ideas and were able to discuss topics in a mature and respectful way 

In maths this half term we have been practicing our basic number skills. We have been recognising numbers to 100 and are beginning to add and subtract and recognise number bonds to 10. Here you can see us exploring our maths skills in practical ways using a variety of resources to help us.

Art: Colour creations 🎨

Our art topic this term has been Colour Creations! We were able to identify the primary colours and mix them together to make secondary colours. After exploring all of these colours we were able to use them to create our own works of art using a mixture of medium such as pens, pencil crayons and paint. We are amazing artists!