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Year 3 2019-2020

Welcome To the New School Year

Welcome to Year 3! Mrs Colley and I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. The children have made a great start to the new term and have been super enthusiastic about our new topics.  


Language and Literacy

During our Literacy their half term Year 3 will be reading 'Sands Wizards' by Jon Blake. This story explores the themes of friendship and feelings. It is set at the seaside and the children will be exploring the changing moods of the main characters and how these are reflected in the setting. During the unit, the children will build up ideas about setting and character then write descriptions of two contrasting beach settings from a first person narrator's point of view. 

Below are some titles of stories with a familiar setting that are recommended for year 3 to read. 




Science Rocks!

This half term Year 3 will be scientists as we explore how rocks are formed as well as grouping rocks according to their properties. 



Place Value

Here is Year 3's maths stuck station on place value which the children will use to help them in their lessons.


Year 3 will be learning to read, write and order two- and 3- digit numbers. They will learn how to recognise the place value of each digit, they will compare and order number up to 1,000 and write numbers up to 1,000. Here are some ideas below of the types of activities your child could be working on. Here are some activities you could try with you children at home. 


TimesTables Rockstars

The children will continue to use TimesTables Rockstars at school to help them improve their Timestables knowledge. Please encourage your child to access this site at home too. By the end of year 3 the children should know their 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, 8x at speed. 

TimesTables Class Challenge

Each week I will give the children a TimesTables challenge. This challenge will be completed in 5 minutes and there will be 60 questions to start with. When a child completes the challenge they will receive a maths certificate , a trophy, a prize and then will move on to the next challenge. The first challenge will be given out very soon. I can't wait to see who completes it first, I know the children have been eager to begin the challenges. We have a TimesTables display board in the classroom to celebrate everyone's successes. 



This half term we will be investigating the use of symbols in Aborginal art. We will be creating a piece of artwork in the style of an Aborginal journey. We will also be investigating the work of Paul Klee. 


Geography - Countries of the World

We have begun our geography focus by identifying and using atlases to locate the seven continents of the world. The children then designed their own flags for their favourite continent. Here are some examples of our amazing work.




R.E - What do signs and symbols mean in religion?

IN R.E. we will be exploring the meaning of signs and symbols. We will be finding out how symbolic food can be used to remember important events. The children will also be exploring and interpreting religious metaphors and that ideas about God can be experienced in different forms. We will be visiting St Michaels church in Brierley Hill to learn about some common symbols within a place of worship. 


History Prehistoric Britain

The children visited Sarehole Mill to explore Prehistoric Britain. Check out the photographs of our fun packed day.

Happy New Year!

Mrs Colley and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We have an exciting term ahead.


Language and Literacy


Our fiction unit this half term introduces a science fiction element into a setting. 'A Tale of Two Robots' by Roy Apps is a humorous story which explores invention ideas. The children will be encouraged to develop empathetic responses to characters and situations and an awareness of different points of view. They will write a new episode for the story about a new adventure for the robots, during which they decide to go on a day out. 



Light and Shadows

In science we will be investigating different light sources and how light is reflected from different surfaces. We will explore the sun as a light source and will identify the difference between night and day. We will be investigating what shadows are and why they are formed.




The children will think about why the Romans invaded Britain and describe what their army was like. They will find out who lived in Britain when the Romans invaded and learn about their way of life. They will discover who Boudica was and what she did. They will explore what life was like in Roman Britain and explain some of the things the Romans invented or introduced to Britain. 


What do we know about Jesus?

This half term we will be exploring what we think Jesus looks like and how this reflects our own personal beliefs about Him. We will find out what Jesus was like as a person from the Gospels and explore other people's view of Jesus from the Bible. We will also explore the symbolic language used to descibe Him.



Famous Buildings


The children will explore and examine buildings in a range of architectural styles. They will explore the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren, in particular St Paul's Cathedral. They will explore colour and pattern in the design of St Basil's Cathedral and also the design features of the Taj Mahal. We will examine the architecture of the Sydney Opera House and design a building for a particular purpose.


Touch Typing

This half term the children will be learning typing terminology. They will learn why they should have good posture at the computer, why they should type certain keys with certain fingers and how to use the home, top and bottom row keys.


A Few Reminders

Please ensure that the children have their P.E. Kits in school. This term P.E. will be on a Friday.

All planners need to be returned to school by Wednesday.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and will need to be handed in by the following Monday.


Mrs Colley and I hope you all had a fabulous February half term. We have got lots of exciting learning happening in Year 3 this half term.

A big thank you to all of the children who created some amazing 3D robots which linked to our Language and Literacy story 'A Tale of Two Robots'. The children's ideas and creations were amazing. Take a look at some of them.      

Language and Literacy

Using a number of short tongue twisters, riddles, nonsense poems and a longer performance poem, our unit this half term encourages the children to explore the impact of word play and unusual imagery. it also gives them opportunity to learn a poem and enjoy the experience of performing it in a dramatic way. 



The Non-fiction part of the unit is linked to the scientific subject of the water cycle and will develop the children's understanding of the language features of explanation texts in written and spoken forms.


In Geography we will be learning that the food we eat comes from many different places around the world. We will be looking at how land in temperate, tropical and mediterranean climate zones is used to produce food.


Design Technology

We will be designing a healthy sandwich for a special occasion. The children will be tasting different types of bread and gathering data about their favourite sandwich fillings. Once they have designed their healthy sandwiches, the children will make and then evaluate their final product.



The children will be learning about Jewish Celebrations including Passover, Sukkot, Purim, Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah.