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Year 3 2018-2019

Welcome back! We have had a fun packed start to the Summer Term. Our Roman day started the first week off with a bang! The children looked AMAZING in their costumes. We had a fantastic day. We made Roman head-dresses fit for an Emperor, created Roman mosaics, we learnt how to read and write Roman Numerals, built hypocausts( Roman central heating) using lego and designed a menu for a Roman banquet. You know the Romans ate some very unusual foods, including stuffed dormice! Don't worry we didn't try them but we did taste some food which the Romans enjoyed eating, including bread dipped in olive oil, cheese, olives and salad. I think the honey and yoghurt was the children's favourite!


Language and Literacy

It's a Mystery!

This term we will be exploring a mystery story: Smash and Grab! by John Dougherty. The children will explore how authors create mystery and suspense in their writing and use similar techniques in their own writing.

Some suggestions for wider reading include:-



In the Desert

This half term we are learning about deserts. We have already found out what deserts are and where in the world they are located. We have also investigated the weather and climate of these deserts. 

Did you know?

The continent of Europe has no deserts.

The largest desert in Africa is the Sahara Desert.

The continent of Antarctica is a desert!


Happy New Year!

Mrs Colley and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. Year 3 have returned to school with lots of enthusiasm and have been eager to begin their new learning!


Language and Literacy

Our fiction unit this half term introduces a science fiction element into a familiar setting. 'A Tale of Two Robots' by Roy Apps is a humorous story which explores invention ideas. The children will be encouraged to develop empathetic responses to characters and situations and an awareness of different points of view. They will write a new episode for the story about a new adventure for the robots, during which they decide to go on a day out. I read the story to the children for the first time today and they came up with lots of ideas about what jobs their own robot could do! 

Suggestions for wider reading



In Science we will be investigating different light sources and how light is reflected from different surfaces. We will explore the sun as a light source and will identify the difference between night and day. We will be investigating what shadows are and why they are formed.




In Geography we will be learning that the food we eat comes from many different places around the world. We will be looking at how land in temperate, tropical and mediterranean climate zones is used to produce food.

Design Technology

We will be designing a healthy sandwich. The children will be tasting some different types of bread and gathering data about their favourite sandwich fillings. Once they have designed their healthy sandwiches, the children will make and then evaluate their final product.   



Welcome to Year 3. Mrs Colley and I are really excited about the year ahead. All the children are looking very smart in their uniforms and are ready for lots of learning. They have made a great start to the term and have been super enthusiastic about our new topics.



A Few Reminders


Please make sure that the children have their P.E. kits in school. This term P.E. will be on a Monday. 


All Planners need to be returned to school by Wednesday. 


Literacy and Numeracy homework will be given out on Friday and will need to be returned by the following Monday. 


Language and Literacy


During our Literacy this half term, Year 3 will be reading 'Sand Wizards' by Jon Blake. This story explores the themes of friendship and feelings. It is set at the seaside and the children will be exploring the changing moods of the main characters and how these are reflected in the setting. During the unit, the children will build up their ideas about setting and character and then write descriptions of two contrasting beach settings from a first person narrator's point of view. 

Below are some titles of stories with a familiar setting that are recommended for Year 3 to read. 




The children are all set up with their logons and should be using it at home to improve their times table knowledge. Please encourage your child to access this at home. By the end of year 3, the children should know their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x tables at speed. I will be checking the Times Table Rockstar leader board each week and I'm really looking forward to seeing children improve on their scores. 

Transition Week

During transition week Year 3 had great fun building an iron man for our book corner. The children worked really well in a team and the end result, I hope you agree, is fantastic!

Science Rock On!

This half term Year 3 will become scientists as we explore how rocks are formed, as well as grouping rocks according to their properties. 

We have been investigating which rocks are the most and least hardwearing. We rubbed two of the same kind of rock together to find out how much dust was made. 


Maths Detectives

This week year 3 have been identifying vertical and horizontal lines and learning about parallel and perpendicular lines. We went on a 'line hunt' around school to find examples of these lines. 



We had some visitors in school today to talk to us about Rememberance Day. This year is very special as it is 100 years since the end of World War I. All the children made their own poppy which will be part of a whole school piece of artwork. 

Halloween Fun

Year 3 had a 'spooktastic' afternoon. They helped Mrs Colley carve out a pumpkin for Halloween. They had great fun scooping out the middle but it was quite a messy job!

Sarehole Mill Visit

In History, Year 3 have been learning all about Pre-Historic Britain. We had a great time visiting Sarehole Mill in Birmingham. We participated in lots of different activities including, pretending to be hunter gatherers, building tipis, creating cave artwork and visiting a woodland where there was evidence of a Bronze Age settlement. 


Design and Technolgy Workshop

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon when their grown ups joined them in school for a DT workshop. The children had great fun planning and designing a monster's head. Next, they followed their plan to create the head. After that, they used their pneumatic system to make the mouth move up and down. Finally they evaluated their work. A huge thank you to everyone who came along to share this learning. The moving monster heads look amazing! 

T Rex visit

The whole school had a visit from an enormous T Rex! Year 3 also had the chance to take part in a fossil workshop. They were all brilliant palaeontologists and it was lovely to hear them answering lots of questions about fossils, after completing our science work this term on different types of fossils and how they were made. 

Reindeer Run

The children had a great time taking part in a 'Reindeer Run'. They were working hard to raise money for Mary Stevens Hospice. A huge thank you to all the children who have returned their sponsorship money for this amazing cause.