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A quick message from Mrs Harvey...

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English clip - The Present

Watch this clip and then go back to my video which explains the task that you need to complete.



Year 4 have been super busy this half term, learning lots of new things and having lots of fun - read on to find out what we've been up to!



We learnt all about 'Early Civilisations' in our first history unit. We used maps to locate early civilisations on a world map and used a timeline to work out when these civilisations existed. Throughout the unit, we found out about the Ancient Sumer, Phoenicians, Indus Valley, Minoans, Shang Dynasty and Ancient Egyptians. We learnt about what trade took place, how buildings were made and we looked at the early forms of writing and numbers. We had lots of fun cracking codes using the Phoenician alphabet!



We learnt about different habitats and found out which organisms we are likely to find in certain habitats. We also learnt how to classify organisms using a classification key. We were able to classify British plants and animals! Did you know that a dolphin has hair? Well, we found that out too!



We have learnt all about Sikhism in RE this half term. We learnt about how and when Sikhism was created. During this unit, we learnt about baptism and the importance of the 5 K's. We have also learnt how wedding ceremonies and funerals are performed for Sikhs. 



In Music, we have listened to and appraised songs from Abba. Our favourite song was 'Mamma Mia'. We learned how to clap and move our body to to the pulse of the song and we also used the glockenspiels to respond to a rhythm using the notes 'G' and 'A'.



In our first art unit, we learnt all about pantomimes. We had lots of fun designing and creating a set for a pantomime of our choice. We used cardboard boxes to create a background and attached flat to give depth to our set. The final designs were amazing! Look at the examples below!








Friday 6th November


Well done to this superstar in year 4! This week, she has shown me how mature she is by making some fantastic choices in and out of class. She is focused on her learning and is making great progress - keep it up! Well done!

Friday 23rd October


Well done to this amazing girl in year 4! She's always trying her hardest and is a role model to all others in the class. You are amazing!

Friday 16th October


John has won the certificate in year 4 this week! He could easily win the certificate every week with his fantastic attitude, behaviour and work! He really is a superstar! 

Friday 9th October


This superstar mathematician has won this week's certificate! She's tackled some really tricky decimal work this week and she's absolutely smashed it -well done!

Friday 2nd October


She's the first girl in year 4 to win the well done certificate! She's such a hard worker, puts 100% effort into every lesson and her behaviour is outstanding! What a star!


Friday 25th September

Haaris has won this week's Well Done certificate! He puts 100% effort into every lesson and always produces beautifully presented work - he is a delight to have in the classroom!


Friday 18th September

Well done to this superstar in year 4! He is a role model to all other children; he always has impeccable behaviour, has a fantastic attitude to learning and always produces amazing work! Well done!

Friday 11th September

Well done to this superstar! He always tries his hardest and always has a fantastic attitude to learning!

Big well done to our first Year 4 well done certificate winner!!