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Year 4

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Take a look at this term's knowledge organisers...




In Literacy and Language children will learn about the story 'Lost or Stolen?' and will write the next chapter of the story. They will need to use direct speech, similes and 'showing not telling' to create their exciting new chapter.



In maths this term, we are consolidating what we know about place value. We will be rounding to 10, 100 and 1000 and with be partitioning numbers into their place value columns. In year 4 children learn about Roman Numerals for the first time and children will be taught the numbers 1 - 100 in this term too. We will also focus on written methods for addition and subtraction.





This term children will learn about Ancient Civilisations. They will learn about Ancient Sumer, Phoenicians, Indus Valley and many more. Children will be able to talk about when these civilisations existed and how they have impacted today's society.  



In science this term, we are learning about different environments and which organisms live in these environments. We will also be using classification keys to identify different animals based on their characteristics.


In RE, we are learning about Sikhism. Children will learn about how the religion started and what the main Sikh beliefs and traditions are. 


In computing, we are learning to use code. We are using 'IF' and 'IF/ELSE' statements to show how a programme will respond to different conditions. Children will be able to use these statements to create their own programs.


In music, children will be taught every Monday by Mrs Bayliss. This term, she will be teaching the children how to assemble the flute, how to hold the flute correctly and how to produce a sound.