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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5, Myself and Miss Horner are over the moon to be your Year 5 team this year.  We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to, including investigating Ancient Greece, experiment with different types of materials, and creating interesting cityscapes.  Keep checking back to see the amazing work we are producing.

SPAG challenge - let’s find the punchlines to these cracked jokes! 😂

Maths real life area task - 10-12-20

DT Work for today, watch the slide

Year 5 Maths work - Area. Remember, split the shape into rectangles and then x the sides

English inspiration for writing challenge

Maths 23-11-20 Challenge sheet

Big Maths test 6

Big maths - answers

RE Work 20-11-20

English - Modelled Write 19-11-20

Maths - Multiples 19-11-20

Maths - Prime numbers 19-11-20

18-11-20 Maths, if you fancy a bit of a challenge

This absolute superstar could win the Year 5 certificate every week!! She is a super role model and a joy to have in class!!

So proud of Year 5 this week! Attendance winners!!!!!

Christmas made a brief visit to Year 5 this week when we created Christmas cards for a competition. We used our skills learnt in art!! I'm sure you'll agree they look amazing.


Year 5 kicked off the year with our fantastic Greek myths topic, the children looked at what makes up a myth and then created their own, full of heroes, quests and monsters.  We then moved onto writing instructions and explanation texts.  During the last part of the term, the children used their imaginations to write stories that took their reader to far off places as well as on scary adventures.                   


In Lightening English, we have been making sure that we are confident with all our grammar techniques along with ensuring that we remember all of our spelling rules, please ask your children what skills they have been learning.

During guided reading we have been exploring Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, looking at author intention, use of language and how the characters are being represented.




The first topic that we explored in Year 5, was all things number, this included: place value, ordering numbers, rounding, and decimals.  We then moved onto looking at written methods of calculations before moving onto shape, this will give us the knowledge that we will need as we move onto area, and perimeter.  The children have also looked at problem-solving, applying their knowledge to reasoning problems


Lightening Maths and Times Tables


During Year 5, the children will also be taking part in lightning maths sessions, this will be looking at any gaps that may have occurred since Year 4.  We have re-visited skills learnt and looked at how they can be built upon as they tackle the Year 5 curriculum.  Times Tables are still a focus in Year 5 and we need to keep practising them at home.  Please encourage your child to have a go at times tables rock stars



This term we have looked at some amazing topics, which have really excited the children and enabled them to create some fantastic work.



Our History topic this term was Ancient Greece, we started by looking at how they used to live during this time along with their beliefs.  We then moved onto investigating the difference between the Athenians and Spartans and how people were treated within this time.



In Science we started by looking at the changes that occured in materials, we investigated the differences between solids, gases, and liquids and the children took part in different experiments to see what happened to materials in this state.  We had lots of fun, creating the experiments and carrying them out.




Our art topic was looking at cityscapes, how they can be depicted in different art forms, the children used lots of different techniques to create their own, including ink, layered pant and water colours.





To start this term we looked at the bible and some of the stories that are in it, the children have been looking at where the bible came from and why it is still relevant and important to people today.



This term has seen us carrying on our valuable jigsaw lessons, which allows the children to discuss their feelings and explore different topics about themselves and the world.  These sessions give the children the opportunity to discuss anything that is worrying them as well as developing teamwork and looking at how to keep safe


This is our amazing well done certificate winger this week. So proud of her attitude to school and her work. Really proud of you.

What a fantastic way to finish our art topic. The children chose their favourite technique to create their cityscape.

We could not choose between these two amazing children this week! So proud of the attitude that they have to school and learning.

We then created these stunning cityscapes using ink patterns

Amazing art week started with 3D pop art!

So proud of this amazing young lady, she could win the well done certificate every single week, for her amazing attitude. Well done, we are so proud of you.

What wonderful writers we have had this week in Year 5. They have created amazing recipes to enable you to make Lemon Sherbet.

What a wonderful, well done certificate winner. This amazing girl has made Year 5 a super place to be! So proud of you!

What a fantastic Friday!! Year 5 have watched what happens when materials mix and looked at reversible and irreversible changes! So much fun!!!

Year 5 had lots of fun today investigating which materials dissolve, react with or float and sink when they are mixed with water.

This amazing girl could be the Year 5 well done winner every week! She is an absolute superstar!! So proud of everything she achieves!! Well done!

This weeks well deserved well done certificate winner. Not only is he an example to the rest of year 5, he is also a maths superstar!

Our first Year 5 well done certificate winner! What an amazing start to the Year!!! What a star.