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Year 5




Welcome back Year 5, Miss Horner and I are excited to see you all back in class this year.  We have lots of exciting topics to look forward to and are hoping to organise a school visit soon!


Year 5 kick off the year with our fantastic Greek myths topic, the children will look at what makes up a myth and then create their own, full of heroes, quests and monsters.  We will ten move onto writing instructions and explanation texts.

Later on this term, the children will be using their imaginations to write stories that will take their reader to far off places, transporting them into magical places and fantastical situations.


In lightning English, we will be making sure that we are confident with all of our grammar techniques along with ensuring that we remember all of our spelling rules, please ask your children what skills they have been learning.



During our guided reading, we will be exploring Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, looking at author intention, use of language and how the characters are being represented.  We will also be making comparisons between the film that we watched during transition week.



The first topic that we will be exploring in Year 5, is all things number, this will include place value, ordering numbers, rounding and decimals.  We will then move onto looking at written methods of calculations before moving onto shape, area and perimeter.  The children will also look at problem-solving, applying their knowledge to reasoning problems.


This Year the children will continue to take part in lightning maths sessions, this will be looking at any gaps that may have occurred since Year 4.  We will be re-visiting all of these skills, ensuring that the children are confident with them and building upon these so that they are able to tackle the new learning in the Year 5 curriculum.

Times tables will still be a big focus in Year 5 and we need the children to continue to practise these at home, please encourage your child to have a go at Times Tables Rockstars, this is an amazing tool to help them to learn and remember all of their tables.



We have some amazing topics this year in Year 5, which we know will excite the children and enable them to create some fantastic work!




Our History topic this term is Ancient Greece, we will be looking at how they used to live during this time along with their beliefs, including looking at all of the Gods that they used to worship.  Another area we look at in this topic is the differences between the Athenians and the Spartans, discovering the way that these two cultures lived and people were treated within these two societies.






In Science we will be starting by looking at the changes that occur in materials, we will be investigating the differences between solids, gases and liquids.  We will be experimenting with the different states and we will be taking part in lots of practical examples, where the children will be able to test the theories and record the results.  the children will also be able to design their own experiments.




Our art topic this term is looking at cityscapes, paying attention to and exploring how they can be depicted using different art techniques, the children will be experimenting with these styles and then creating their own techniques in order to complete a city art task.




To start this term we are looking at the bible and some of the stories that are in it.  The children will look at where the bible came from and why it is still relevant and important to people today.




In Year 5 we will be carrying on our valuable jigsaw lessons, which allows the children to discuss their feelings and explore different topics about themselves and the world.  These sessions give the children the opportunity to discuss anything that is worrying them as well as developing teamwork and looking at how to keep safe.




Year 5 will continue to have PE on a Monday afternoon, they will take part in many different sports, including football, cricket and gymnastics, looking at skill and progression in these sports.

Please ensure that you come into school, on a Monday, in your PE kit.


Homework will be sent home on a Friday and will be expected back in class by the following Wednesday.  Each week Year 5 will be issued two pieces of homework, one English based, which could be writing, reading or grammar, and a maths focus task.  Please encourage your child to have a go at these at home and to speak to myself or Miss Horner if they are struggling.



Planners will also be sent home with your child on a Friday, please can these be bought back into class on a Monday.  These planners are a fantastic form of communication between school and home, I always enjoy reading the comments from parents.