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Welcome back to our new term in Year 6!! Hope you all had an amazing Summer break and feel energised and refreshed.  The Year 6 team this year include: Mrs Johnson, Mrs Smith, Mrs Windridge and Miss Jones.


We start off Year 6 with a bang this year, going straight into our 3 day residential to Sherwood Forest.  This year not only will we be meeting up with Robin Hood and his Merry men, we will be starting the experience with an action packed day at The Mill Adventure, the children will be trying their hand at high ropes, indoor climbing, and (following in the footsteps of Robin Hood himself) archery.


We are also pleased that the children who were unable to join us for the 3 days, will be travelling up to us on the Thursday just in time for Robin.                                                                                  Image result for robin hood clip art


Year 6 have just returned from an amazing 3 days away in Sherwood Forest.  They have explored underground tunnels, worked in teams to navigate a low ropes course, become Robin Hood, showing off their archery skills before coming face to face with him in the forest.  

We have had a fantastic time and we are super proud of all the children, with many of them conquering their fears during our time away!! 

Lots of adventure at the Mill Centre - Indoor caving, low ropes and archery!


This year we start our English journey exploring legends, including the legend of Robin Hood.  The children will create their own interpretation of the story of Robin Hood, then turn this into a modern day TV report - look out for the news bulletins on this site!!!!!!!

After this we look at the art of newspaper reports, becoming journalists investigating the scandal of Robin Hood's wedding.

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We start Maths this year looking at place value, thinking about how numbers are used and finding the difference between standard, extended and written forms.  We then move onto looking at decimals, rounding them to a given place value and how they expand, as well as ordering and finding what needs to be added to make a whole.  This will lead us onto working with the 4 different calculations, applying our place value knowledge in order to help us with our mental calculations.

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During Autumn 1, we will also look at what makes up a circle and how to measure the different parts, along with beginning to look at fractions, decimals and percentages.


              Foundation subjects


We begin this Year looking at Classifying Organisms, we will look at how each living organism fits into a given group depending on its features.  We will also look at The Ten Kingdoms designed by Carl Linnaeus and The Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin.  To end this exciting topic, we will look at evolution and inheritance within our own families.

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Our first topic this Year in History is titled Crime and Punishment.  The children will be exploring crime and punishment throughout the ages, from Roman Britain, through the Anglo Saxons and Vikings, into WW1 and 2, ending up at present day.  We will be looking at how the justice system has evolved over the years and just how different today's punishments are from years gone by.                                 Image result for crime and punishment clipart


Extreme Earth will be the first topic we look at in Year 6.  The children will discover the natural disasters that happen throughout the world, looking at the reasons behind these.  We will also be looking at the natural wonders of the world, investigating just what makes the Earth the what that it is.                             Image result for extreme earth clip art



You won't believe your eyes with our art topic this year, the children will be creating art illusions which will trick you into seeing things in a different way.  Beginning with perspective art, the children will look at how to create the items which appear larger than they are.           Image result for art illusions clip art



Have you ever been to a fairground and wondered how the rides are made? Well this topic will not only let the children discover the secret, they will then apply their knowledge to create their own fairground rides.  I'm sure they will design some truly amazing, moving rides.          Image result for fairground ride clipart



Throughout Year 6, we will be looking at special stories within different religions, beginning with Hinduism.  We will look at the meanings behind them and the messages that they show.  We will delve into the beliefs held within these religions and look at the places that are important.Image result for places of worship clip art