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Year 6 2017 - 2018

Year 6 would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Sanders and the Rotary Club, not just for the amazing trip to Drayton Manor but also for the wonderful trip to the Red Cone with Brindley Primary!!

Year 6's trip to Drayton Manor

Year 6 have had an amazing day celebrating the royal wedding. Firstly we made crowns to wear and designed wedding dresses. Then we competed in a royal horse race! Ending the day with cups of tea and scones in the sun!! 

Afternoon tea in the sun!!!

Learning how to gallop like every good prince or princess!! Well done Aadam!!! Fastest time round the course!!

A huge well down to everyone in Year 6 after sats this week! You have all worked incredibly hard and I know that you will all have done amazingly! We are proud of every single one of you!! Now for the fun to start!! 

Fun at the park

We had an amazing time immersing ourself in WW2 on our trip to Cosford

Year 6 really enjoyed dressing up for world book day! I'm sure you'll agree they all look amazing!

Yesterday we had a lovely visit from Nursery! We enjoyed reading stories with them! Come back soon Nursery.


Welcome back, I hope that you all had a fantastic half term filled with lots of fun!!!


Since we have been back, the weather has been freezing, so I'm setting you all a challenge!! 

Who can write the most exciting story, using the weather as your inspiration?? You can write it in any genre you want and there will be PRIZES for the best and most imaginative!!


I look forward to reading your ice-cold stories!!


This half term we are looking at flashback stories - using memories as a tool to develop characters and relationships.  Ask your children to share the work that we have been doing in class! We have some absolutely stunning writers and everyone works super hard to write amazing stories, which I am sure that they would love to share with you!


Year 6 are continuing to look at applying our knowledge to reasoning skills and problem solving! Over the coming weeks, the children will be coming home with lots of problems to solve - please encourage them to explain to you how they are solving them! 


Times tables are still just as important! We are improving every single day and this skill will help them in every aspect of maths!


                                        Image result for spring clip art



We are now well into our Spring term and the children are working hard in all aspects of the curriculum, from solving maths problems, thinking about how we see and investigating what life was like during WW2.

                      The Great War


Yestersay we were lucky enough to be invited to visit Thorns Secondary to take part in activities about The Great War.  In the morning we investigated what happened, along with researching soldiers who were local to the area! 

We also made a lovely poppy, hanging off it a picture of a WW1 soldier! It was quite moving to hear about life in the war and how horrid it was in the trenches. 

After lunch we stayed to watch a special performance by the children at Thorns, depicting how war progressed from the point of view of the people involved.  This was shown to us through acting, dancing and music.

All the children had an amazing time and learnt plenty of new information.





Learning about The Great War at Thorns Secondary School

Investigating how water affects the way that light travels!!!

Using our maths skills to make gas mask boxes and ration books!


The children are already becoming immersed in what life was like in WW2! We have created propaganda posters, persuading people to help 'Digging for Victory' and have looked at what was actually rationed during the war and why.

Over the coming weeks, we will start to look at what it would be like being evacuated from their homes and will create our own gas mask boxes!          Image result for ww2 spitfire clip art                               Image result for ww2 gas masks clip art                                        

                    Reflected Light

During our science lessons we have been finding out how light travels and how we see.  We have also been investigating how light reflects off objects.  We tested the concept that light bounces off reflective objects at the same angle as it hits and then made periscopes to look at how light can be reflected off mirrors. 

                 Bag Packing at Sainsbury's


We would like to say a huge thank you for all the children who gave up their time to come and bag pack with us at our local Sainsbury's store.  It was lovely to see so many of them, especially on a Saturday morning.  We hope to have raised lots of money towards our new ICT suite.

Bag Packing at Sainsbury's

                                     Image result for christmas


We have nearly finished the first term in Year 6 and with all the snow, we are happy to be back in school, ready to have a great last few days.  At the moment we are busy practising for our KS2 Christmas Play - Bethlehem the Musical - We hope that you will be able to come and join us on Tuesday 19th December at 2pm, to watch where all out hard work has led to.  We are sure that you will agree that our singing and acting is amazing!!

Please could you send in your child with black trousers, black top (with no labels) and ensure that they have black PE pumps, thank you.

                        Christmas Carols on the playground


It has now become a tradition for the children to gather on the playground before breaking up on the last day to sing carols.  It would be lovely if you were able to join us in this festive activity.

                                                   Image result for christmas carols singing clip art

                                          Singing at Morrisons


Next week, we have been asked to sing and bag pack at Morrisons in Wednesbury, it is something that Year 6 have been invited to take part in for the last few years.  The children have always enjoyed singing and meeting the customers.  Morrisons are always kind enough to provide the children with a lovely lunch.  Please look out for a letter and return the slip as soon as possible.                                          Image result for christmas singing    



Year 6 had a lovely afternoon out at the     e-zone! While there we took part in an orienteering challenge!! Everyone enjoyed it! Well done to the boys team for completing the challenge in the quickest time. 



In Maths this term we are looking at long division and fractions - we will be thinking about how to solve these calculations and also how to use these skills in order to solve problems.  Please help and encourage your children to learn all of their times tables - this is a skill that will make these skills easier                                          Image result for fractions



In History we have been learning about the Ancient Mayan civilisation.  We have found out lots of facts and information about them - some of which will shock you!

Ask your child what they have found out!!

We also made Mayan temples using Lego - some temples would have been 200 feet high, ours were a little bit smaller.

Now we are well into the Autumn term, we are really working hard in Year 6! The children have settled down to all their lessons and the work that they are producing is amazing! We have already looked at writing a brilliant piece of fiction about Robin Hood and Guy of Gisbourne and are currently writing a newspaper report about Maid Marian's wedding.  In Maths the children have been looking at calculations and place value! We need to ensure that they are secure with this knowledge as this will help them in all aspects of their learning.

                                                                                           Image result for maths


               Times Tables

It is incredibly important that every child is secure with all of their times tables up to 12 x

Please help your child learn these tables. Just reciting a few times tables a night will help them improve their maths skill.           


                                Pink Times Tables 1 to 12 Poster


Congratulations to Jack and Zaria, this years Head Boy and Head Girl

This year we have also appointed a Deputy Head Boy and Girl - Congratulations Faith and Euan

Year 6 School Council

This years elected House Captains

           Awful Auntie - Theatre Trip


We are really excited about the upcoming theatre trip to see David Walliams, Awful Auntie in Birmingham.  It was be an amazing experience for Years 5 and 6!  If you haven't already send in your permission slips, we would appreciate if you could send these into class as soon as possible. Image result for awful auntie

Welcome to Year Six Bunting - welcome to year six, year six, year 6, bunting, classroom bunting, classroom display, displau bunting, bunting for display

After a lovely summer, we are happy to welcome you all back to Year 6!! We are looking forward to the coming term and have lots of exciting plans for both learning and fun! We will soon be immersed in the world of Robin Hood and the ancient world of the Mayans. 



Sherwood Forest

We have just arrived home from an amazing few days visiting Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. We spent our first day being shown around Nottingam by Robin Hood himself. The children found out all about the city and its link to Robin. We also found out about the stories surrounding the city and even visited one of the underground caves that snaked under our feet!  After a lovely night at the youth hostel we again met Robin (and one of his friends) to journey deep into the forest, learning about its secrets. 

I'm sure that your children have told you all about the amazing time that we had, and hope that you will all be able to join us in a few weeks at our assembley                              !

                              English                    Image result for robin hood cartoon human


After a super trip learning all about Robin Hood, our first English topic will continue to explore the mystery behind the man, where we will write a dramatic story about Robin's battle with Sir Guy of Gisbourne. We will also be creating our own TV report. While our trip is fresh in our mind, the children will also be writing a recount about their experiences.



During the Autumn term, in year 6, we will be be concentrating on place value and the 4 main calculations.  We will also be having a big push with times tables. It is really important that you encourage your child to keep learning all of their tables (including 12's) as this skill will help them in every aspect of Maths. Image result for maths cartoon


The first topic that we will be looking at this year is entitled 'Animals - including humans' We will be investigating what makes up the human body and how it all works, we will also be thinking about how to keep ourselves healthy and the best ways to care for every aspect of 'us' 

After we have thought of humans, we will look at the different types of animals, where they live, how they survive and how they compare to humans!                   Image result for science cartoon

              Please Remember!!


Year 6's PE session this term, is on a Monday and swimming will be on a Tuesday.  Please can you make sure that you send your child in with the correct equipment.                              Image result for Swimming cartoon


Planners need to be filled in and handed in to me on a Thursday.  These will then be sent home.  Please can you look out for your child's planner and send it back into school signed.