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Visions and Values

Every Child Achieves


Here at Brierley Hill Primary School we want to create a learning environment that is exciting, creative, challenging, happy and safe. Our aim is to unlock the potential of every child to ensure they achieve in their learning and develop as confident young people.  


We have five school values that are interwoven throughout all we do, they are:


AMBITION (Success) – Develop a progression of investigative skills to enable children to independently test concepts. Children learn to record their investigations and results in a variety of ways and learn to identify the most effective method Teach series of ‘knowledge-based lessons in a variety of ways, including the use of practical, research, discussion and analysis. Knowledge organisers will be in place to ensure learning outcomes are ambitious for all pupils.
BELIEF (Confidence)Children will develop their vocabulary skills in a variety of ways enabling them to discuss a range of concepts with confidence. We will encourage children to openly share their ideas and discuss them and to work collaboratively usually within year groups but also allowing for cross-year group interaction. Children work books will highlight the children’s learning and enable them to celebrate their achievements.
COMPASSION (Motivation) Teachers will use ’hooks’ in lessons to motivate children’s interest. (practical experiments, videos, photographs, questions etc) Children will be encouraged to understand how the concepts relate to their own lives and to further develop their knowledge by asking further questions. Lessons should be practical and ‘hands-on’ wherever possible. Children will have a diverse experience learning about different cultures, faiths and beliefs.  
PRIDE (Knowledge) Teachers will plan sequences of lessons building on previous knowledge, using retrieval strategies which will enable them to make links with previous learning. All staff will teach with a clear understanding of what has previously been taught using the curriculum pathways document. 
RESPECT (Responsibility) Build in knowledge and understanding of safety and respect for resources, children and the community.  Children will learn to respect their environments – both immediate and wider.  Children learn to respect the ideas and knowledge of others to encourage open and confident discussion.