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At Brierley Hill, we study French as a Foreign Language. We follow a sequence of lessons using CUSP to support teaching. The teaching of phonics is also included at the start of every lesson. Our intent is to support our children in developing their understanding and a love of a second language. To equip them and give them the tools to support them when transitioning into secondary school. We aim to do this through fun and engaging lessons. We want our children to enjoy learning French.



CUSP French has been intentionally crafted based on the principles of evidence-led practice, ensuring a dedicated emphasis on the high-quality development of children as linguists. The curriculum revisits core study areas throughout, with each unit concentrating on essential elements such as phonics, grammatical structures, reading, writing, oracy, and vocabulary. CUSP French is a comprehensive resource designed for both teachers and students, fostering consistency in French instruction across the school. It equips teachers, even those without prior knowledge of French, with the necessary subject expertise to effectively convey the content.


The design of CUSP French is geared towards meeting the needs of young linguists in the contemporary world. Deliberate emphasis is placed on key areas to ensure that students acquire knowledge and language relevant to engaging with crucial and practical topics like the environment, wellbeing, and travel. The curriculum not only focuses on vocabulary acquisition but also on the fundamental components essential for learning a new language.


Clear structures and established learning routines form the foundation of CUSP French, enabling both pupils and teachers to concentrate their cognitive attention on the core content in each block. Aligned with other CUSP subjects, Knowledge Notes are employed to support instruction and the revisiting of new concepts. This unwavering commitment to cognitive science provides the framework for pupils to deepen and broaden their understanding of the French language, fostering their confidence and inspiration as linguists.


How is CUSP French organised?

CUSP French is taught from Years 3 – 6. Each year group has 6 blocks of 5 weeks teaching. Additional weeks in the academic year can be used for consolidation, revisiting or enrichment. The curriculum is built to be delivered in 30 – 40 minutes of study per week.

French Curriculum