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What does R.E look like in our wonderful school?

Our R.E curriculum is designed with young learners in mind. It covers a variety of RE topics and includes learning about major world religions, festivals and stories. 


In Year 1 the children began to think about the things that make our world wonderful whilst studying different religious creation stories. They enjoyed stories, explored photographs of the world and discussed what they think makes our world special. 

Following on from this in Year 2 the children learnt who Jesus was and what he taught.  They found out about the life of this extraordinary man, as well as some of the stories, actions and speeches that inspire millions of people around the world to live by his teaching more than two thousand years later. 


Building upon the children’s learning in Key Stage 1 in Year 3 the children have developed their knowledge of celebrations through the festival of Diwali. They have heard the story of Rama and Sita, found out why divas are lit, how Hindus families celebrate Diwali, and much more.




From birth to death, stopping off at naming ceremonies baptisms and weddings the children in   Year 4 have discovered the celebrations and ceremonies of the major world religion; Sikhism. 


The children in Year 5 have travelled back to the 6th century where they were introduced to Muhammad, learning about his life, personality and legacy.  The children took a detailed look at Muhammad’s life and explored why he is such an important figure in Islam.   


Year 6 children have been challenged to think about whether a church is a building, its people or both.  As well as this they have explored the ways in which churches support members of their own community and reach out to help others.